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Shocking  Screen Shots of Blatant Computer Vote Manipulation in Condit-Boehner race in 8th District Ohio 2010

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A little background regarding the origins of our website, including recognition in 1996 from
Popular Science


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Inbox Robot--Voting Machines Newsletter
(This website somehow robotically keeps up with new articles dealing with the issues of computerized votefraud vs. honest elections -- more proof we at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count love computers as a rule -- but realize that computers are NOT appropriate for election vote counting -- precisely because computer vote-counting is NOT transparent!)


The Josef Stalin
Vote Fraud Page

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything."

Communist Tyrant and mass murderer Josef Stalin

Stalin's quote (or variations thereof) has become surprisingly popular since it first appeared on Citizens for a Fair Vote Count's former website in 1996. We assembled numerous links that examine the question of the quote's  authenticity,  the use of it in different contexts (it's been invoked by individuals with views as diverse as Rush Limbaugh and Alan Dershowitz!) and we even found some Stalin era election poster art, including one that shows the dictator casting a ballot.  While a primary source for the quote has yet to be uncovered, there is no question that a truth is contained therein. For more, go to The Josef Stalin Vote Fraud Page.




  Provocative Quotes 

"I've been saying all along that my biggest fear is that someone would program a machine to give a wrong answer. If that were to happen, the machine would still work fine - we just wouldn't know it."

Avi Rubin
Professor, Computer Science
Johns Hopkins University

Note from Jim Condit Jr., Director of Citizen for a Fair Vote Count: Professor Avi Rubin has been shaky on embracing real solutions to the votefraud problem -- and, as far as we know, still advocates hanging onto some kind of computer to "count" votes. This is typical of people in the computer field.

cited in E-vote goes smoothly, but experts skeptical

"Why am I always being asked to prove these systems aren't secure? The burden of proof ought to be on the vendor. You ask about the hardware. 'Secret.' The software? 'Secret.' What's the cryptography? 'Can't tell you because that'll compromise the secrecy of the machines.'... Federal testing procedures? 'Secret'! Results of the tests? 'Secret'! Basically we are required to have blind faith."

Dr. David L. Dill
Professor, Computer Science
Stanford University

cited in How they could steal the election this time



Could the Associated Press (AP) rig the election


Vote fraud: What they aren't telling you

How E-Voting Threatens Democracy

A cutting edge article analyzing the dangers of e-voting.

Partial pre-2005 Archives (See Immediately Below)

 Vote Fraud Articles &  Opinion -- National and by State

Immediately below we list some of the important articles you will find at the above link:


Published Electoral vote 2004
(The fact that the Zogby poll greatly differed from this published final result -- which, if Zogby were correct, would have resulted in a switch of almost 100 electoral votes thereby switching the 2004 presidential election to Kerry -- has never been addressed or covered in the national media. Is so called "scientific polling so unreliable that polls can be diametrically opposed? Did computers illegally alter and switch results to conform to the results that were published? Inquiring minds want to know. -- As far as we know, Zogby has not backed away from asserting the accuracy of the polling results his organization obtained.)

  Pictures from the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention, August 2000

Donato Dalrymple

In the hopes that Reform Presidential candidate Patrick Buchanan or Constitution Party candidate Howard Phillips would be able to remain a factor in the 2000 Presidential election -- about 120 activists from 20+ states met in the Ramada Inn at the Greater Cincinnati airport from August 25 to 27, 2000. Several of the delegates were not for either of the above mentioned candidates, but were for Charles Collins (independent), or Ralph Nader (Green Party), or Harry Browne (Libertarian) or someone else. All present were concerned about the integrity of local, congressional, and Senate races as well. All present realized that the "honest elections vs. computerized votefraud" issue cut across the board and was bigger than any one election or any one candidates; an honest and open vote count is the RIGHT of every American voter. Since honest elections are a pre-requisite for Freedom, two Freedom awards were given out to individuals who made a valiant fight for freedom in the year of 2000.

Click on the link immediately above for some pictures from this historic convention. (Above Photo: Donato Dalrymple, the "fisherman" who rescued Elian Gonzales was recipient of the Convention's Freedom Award.)





A little background regarding the origins of our website, including recognition in 1996 from Popular Science magazine.


(513) 741-2095

Mailing Address:
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211



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What Ron Paul Supporters Must Do To Win the Iowa Caucus 2012

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Linking voters to Elections
Federal, State, County, City






votefraud 101--ESSENTIAL READING

If you are new to the "computer vote fraud vs. honest elections" issue, you can become an "expert" by examining the links in this section

Archive of "Must Read" Articles
(This is here so you notice it -- and contains an avalanche of information -- but we recommend you skip the archives until you read the key articles in this blue box.)

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If you watch the YouTube Video immediately below, -- and then read the next 13 articles listed -- you will be an expert on this subject.

(See "10 Minute College Course" video on the state of our "elections" -- 30 years of research served up to you in ten entertaining minutes: Go to this youtube video made during the 2008 Presidential Primaries)

Votescam Overview 2007 (still Holds in 2010) - Find out what the Other websites will not touch 
(Updated August 15, 2007 -- still holds in 2010) What actually happened on Election Night, 2000, 2004, and all the other election nights since at least as far back as 1988. The mechanism by which 4 private companies have been delegated the power to nullify the voters' choice, and substitute their own. 

 Eye witness report from election night 2004!

How a Private company Counts our Votes on Election night (Eyewitness report from Cook County, Illinois)
by Christopher Bollyn (more from Christopher at


Explanation of Proven Votefraud in the 1996 GOP Iowa Caucus against Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan and the people of Dubuque, Iowa -- perpetrated by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and AP wire -- through the corporation they jointly own: the disgraced Voter News Service, now renamed National Election Pool. (FOX Cable News was not a factor in 1996, but FOX joined the Computer Votefraud Syndicate cabal by 1998.) Prove to yourself that all the Big TV Networks and AP wire owns National Election Pool (formally Voter News Service) by clicking on NEP's website here.

by Dr. Phil O'Halloran
Editor of Relevance Magazine
This is one of the most important pieces written in the modern computer vote counting age. O'Halloran is one of the most talented investigators in our day, and when he tackled this subject he wrote a "must read" for everyone interested in this issue. This is good synopsis of the state of the problem in November, 1996 -- and prophetically identifies the ultimate issues in this arena which now threatens the future of the USA and the world. This article is 16 pages. (This article, plus "A HOUSE WITHOUT DOORS" immediately above, plus "VOTESCAM OVERVIEW 2007" at the top of this box -- gives you all you need to know to discuss this issue with anyone.)

by Ronnie Dugger 2004
(This article appeared in The Nation right before the 2004 election; just reading the first few paragraphs will give you the gist of what's going on -- 4 sinister mega-companies -- Diebold, Hart, Sequoia, and Election Systems and Software, or ES & S,  have been delegated the power to "count" 96% of the votes in the USA. The local Democratic/Republican controlled Boards of Elections have stepped aside; so at least as far back as 1988 we have illegal secretly counted "elections" in the USA.)

What is the MOTIVE behind computerized votefraud?
Aren't the Democrats watching the Republicans, and the Republicans watching the Democrats, -- and isn't the news media watching them both? The answer is: NO! There is a larger force, -- a force which effectively controls the Republican and Democratic Parties, the 4 big Computer Vote "Counting" companies (ES & S, Diebold, Hart, Sequoia), and which completely controls the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX).


The Answer: How our Votes Should be counted each election

the Action Solution!

by Dan Gutenkauf
(This important article talks about three Supreme Court cases [Reynolds v Sim, 1915; US v Mosley, 1964; Wesberry v Sanders, 1964] which state that our right to vote consists of TWO parts: the right to CAST a vote AND the right to know that our vote was counted accurately. Secret Computer "vote counts" on secret software destroys the second part of our right to vote. Wesberry v Sanders further states that if the right to vote is undermined, all other rights are illusory.)

The Law is On Our Side
The Gutenkauf Research

by Jim Condit Jr.


The "Competition" feigned by the Big TV Networks to Project "Winners" and "Losers" on Election Night has always been a HOAX -- and ABC, CBS, NBC, AP wire, (1975 to 2007) CNN (1992 to 2007) and FOX (1998 to 2007) -- KNEW it was a hoax all along. They were basing their "winner" and "loser" projections on alleged results from election day exit polls conducted by the sinister Voter News Service (VNS), a company which the Big TV Networks and AP jointly own. Far from engaging in any competition, the Big TV Networks were getting the exact same information, at the exact same time, from a company they had jointly created, and jointly owned. Keen observers noticed that the TV Networks never bragged at later times when they were first to project the winners on camera. Reason: the competition was a show -- the real purpose of the alleged exit poll information was to prepare the public mind for the rigged computer result about to be announced a few hours later. The exit Polls themselves have always been completely fraudulent. The exit pollers miss the rush hours of voting in the AM and PM. They start at 10 AM and quite at 5 PM. Citizens for a Fair Vote Count videotaped a real exit poll in New Hampshire during the 1996 Republican Primary which was won by Patrick Buchanan. The woman taking the exit poll for VNS is pictured at the link above, and she told us that only 1 out of 15 people would talk to the exit poller. Now, if you miss the rush hours of voting, if only 1 out of 15 voters will talk to the exit poller, if there are so few exit polls in the United States that you can hardly find anybody who's ever seen one -- then where is any possible scientific basis for these things? There is none, and they are a hoax perpetrated by the 5 Big TV Networks and their creature Voter News Service (now renamed National Election Pool) to psychologically war against the America people by perpetuating the acceptance of easily rigged computerized vote "counting" by a few private companies who are fixing all key elections for the Ruling Elite. See Picture and explanation by clicking on link above.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Understanding the REAL 2000 "Election" Scam
Democrats accused Republicans of stealing the election, while Republicans questioned whether Democrats could read a simple ballot, but behind the 2000 presidential election meltdown was a brilliant plan contrived to bring about radical changes in the way votes are counted--changes at the heart of the current touch-screen controversy.

FIRST EVER!  Affidavit from a Board of elections official exposing how Private companies are given the kind of access needed to fix USA elections
This affidavit was one of several given to a Congressman's office during hearings in Columbus, Ohio on December 13, 2004. The main affidavit comes from Sherelle Eaton, the Deputy Director of the Hocking County, Ohio Board of Elections.

reporter Lynn Landes confronts and Tears the mask off of Nationally Famous Groups and individuals holding themselves forth as Protecting Voters' rights
This is the kind of polite, personal, confrontational reporting that needs to happen all over the nation from now until honest elections are restored. This December 7, 2004 conference was sponsored in Washington D.C. by predominantly liberal/left wing groups. The same type of expose could be done about nationally famous "conservative" groups such as the NRA, Christian Coalition, National Right to Life, the Heritage Foundation, as well as "conservative" individuals such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Bill Bennett -- all of whom seem to have a precipitous IQ drop whenever this issue is intelligently discussed. Find other excellent writings by Lynn Landes at

 Shocking!  The Big fix 2004
by Daniel Hopsicker
Executives and owners of the two largest private "vote counting" companies, ES &S and Sequoia, have been convicted of bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states. These two companies were delegated the power to count 60%+ of the USA vote in secret in Presidential Election 2004.

Network America Archives - E-wires by Date
January 10, 2000 to June 30, 2000

 End of this "Votefraud 101: Essential Reading" Section

Spotlighted Websites

The following individuals have the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count "seal of approval" for keeping their eye on the ball on how to restore machine-free, honest elections:

Lynn Landes, investigative reporter, "gets it." Her website is a reliable source of breaking news and really insightful analysis:

Victoria Collier is "no compromise" when it comes to paper ballots and computer-free elections. She carries on for the late Collier Brothers, authors articles and conducts interviews, and still makes available: Votescam: The Stealing of America by Jim and Kenneth Collier. Go to:

Dan Gutenkauf addressed our 2000 Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention about how the law was on the side of machine free, open, verifiable elections. Some of his work can be found on this website:

Devvy Kidd who runs -- one of her excellent articles on votefraud, in which she quotes one of our 1996 Cincinnatus Newsletters (which are not yet on this website) can be found at


We offer the following links for more in depth research, but we do not endorse everything offered by them; the "Rule of Faith" for understanding how to restore honest elections in the USA and in the world is explained in our "Votefraud 101: Essential Reading" section (at the top of this blue box):

"There's one story about this election that we'll never know: what happened inside the machines that do not have a paper trail. It's somewhat reassuring that, in most instances at least, final exit polls and other external systems give us roughly the same picture that the election results do. But suppose that wasn't the case? This is what audit trails are for."

(This page was mirrored on Nov. 16th because of a "Listed for Deletion" notice on the original website, where newer versions may be available.) 

Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List

How to hack the Vote

VNS Revisited: Beware of false "solutions" to the touch-screen voting dilemma
Note: VNS (Voter News Service) became NEP (National Election Pool) in 2004

Contrary to the claims of "opposition" groups such as Move On, Paper ballots won't cure electronic voting ills. At first glance, the call for independent monitoring of the machines (e.g., Democrats want voting machines audited) seems to solve the problem, but does it really? Not if the those doing the auditing turn out to be no more "independent" than the now-defunct Voter News Service (VNS) was. If the monitors are chosen by the joint leadership of the Democratic and Republican Parties, then third parties,  Independents and other non-partisan voices will be kept out of the process. If the Republicrats at the top decide that the Big Five TV Networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and NBC) are the "outsiders" they'll use for their "independent" auditing, then we'll be back exactly where we were when the Big Five together owned the VNS!



For an interactive demonstration, cast your vote on
The Fraudulent  Voting Machine


Learn more about the FVM and its creator, Teresa Hommel, in
The Rise of the Machines

For another take on the subject, see
How to build a fraudulent voting machine



Radio Ads about Computerized Vote Fraud that reached hundreds of thousands of people over 50,000 Watt Radio Stations

Listen to the Radio Ads which aired on 700 WLW radio and 55 WKRC Radio in the Midwest during the month before the November, 2000 Presidential Election

Right before election 2000 and the 45 day computerized vote-counting "crisis" between W. Bush and Al Gore in Florida -- there was only ONE candidate (Ken Lowndes) and ONLY one organization (Citizens for a Fair Vote Count) in the world warning the American people about the Computerized Votefraud Syndicate and their accomplices, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. A few of our early radio ads were a bit off, and had to be pulled, due to the fact that the Buchanan Presidential campaign did not remain a contender after Buchanan got the Reform Party nomination. Buchanan failed to remain a contender primary due to TOTAL censorship by the 5 Big TV Networks and the absurd exclusion of Patrick J. Buchanan and Ralph Nader from the Presidential Debates -- even though Buchanan was on the ballot in all 50 states!. Even so -- the general principles in all 12 of the year 2000 radio ads of Congressional Candidate Ken Lowndes --- remain both sound and constructive today.

The Full Story Behind the "prophetic" Radio Ads aired during the 2000 Presidential Campaign."

This is the "why" behind the content used in the Radio ads aired on the "honest elections vs. computerized votefraud" issue during the 2000 Presidential Election.

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