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posted: July 25, 2003
from Bev Harris and
Electronic Voting Machines Blasted by Scientists, Hacked by Author
This is a groundbreaking story, a breakthrough sought for 30 years by investigators of the computerized votefraud syndicate.

July 25, 2003
Who Owns Diebold Sofware Company?
by Ernest Hancock
A companion explanatory piece to the above article

October 10, 2003
The Shape of Things to Come in England -- thanks radtimes

October 18, 2003
Who Will Win the Election
by John David Rose
-- a real common sense article -- (thanks Anna Wilson)

October 20, 2003
"You Have to Trust the Machine"
by Mary Starrett
Key quotes from this article: "Computer scientist Peter Neumann spent two decades looking into computer software security. He's big on computers, it's safe to say, but when it comes to computers and elections he says 'paper' is the way to go; pointing out computerized touch-screen voting machines can provide no assurance our votes have been recorded. Neuman is, like hundreds of his colleagues, a proponent of paper ballots despite the advent of high tech voting options." . . . and  . . ., the author also tells us in this excellent article . . . "What used to be the stuff of the conspiracy-theory crowd has now become the province of mainstream academics."
Comment from What this last sentence means is that the late Collier brothers and myself were 20 years ahead of the "mainstream academics." No problem. But -- if -- taking a cue from the past --  they will just pay attention NOW to what we at are telling everyone to do (see "Yes, There is a Plan" and "What is the Motive") on how to beat this thing and restore honest elections -- so we can save another 20 years of thrashing around in ineffective activity.

October 20, 2003
Nextel cell phone System Hacked by Mystery Man supporting Grocer's Strike
Incidents like this prove how vulnerable even the most sophisticated computerized systems are -- when there is a lot at stake, and even when there is only a lot at stake for one a small group.