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"The Big Fix 2004": How To Fix a Presidential Election

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Part 1:

Convicted Felons, 'Shadowy Financiers' Own Companies Counting Votes

November 15 2004
Venice, Florida

by Daniel Hopsicker

An investigation into the surprisingly sordid history of America's
"election services industry" has revealed that executives and owners of the
two largest companies, E S & S and Sequoia Pacific, have been convicted of
bribery and suborning public officials in more than a dozen states.

And while a felony conviction may be enough to prevent you from voting in
Florida, convicted felons can take heart in the fact that the "blemish" on
their record in no way disqualifies them from owning companies counting the

In fact, the word 'coverup' itself was invented to describe the activities
of the original owner of Sequoia Pacific, "shadowy financier" Lewis
Wolfson, who got caught bribing no less a personage than a Supreme Court
Justice of the United States of America.

While Abe Fortas was forced to resign in disgrace, no such harsh fate
befell Wolfson. When you own a company that counts the votes, politicians
smile more kindly on you than they might otherwise . . . and for good reason.

Somebody Blinked

Continuing this dubious 'tradition,' the owner of Sequoia Pacific until
recently was also accused of bribing public officials, in this case the
Prime Minister of Ireland.

While the name Dr. Michael Smurfit is not well-known to Americans, his
company manufactures the software used to compile more than two-thirds of
the nation's electronically-counted votes.

Perhaps this may help explain why, for the second Presidential election in
a row, a Democratic bandwagon was derailed early on Election Night by an
unusual television appearance by the Bush Family, after exit polls showed
them losing in key battleground states.

(Network America comment: Exit polls are per se unscientific. Historically exit polls are a hoax perpetrated by Associated Press {AP}, the Big TV Networks and their creature, Voter News Service {VNS} -- now morphed into National Election Pool {NEP}. See "exit polls as hoax" explanation here and in the article "A House Without Doors." -- It is a mistake to hang anything on exit polls, but Hopsicker's point here is correct -- nobody knows what the voters decided in Presidential Election 2004 -- except the 4 private companies who counted 90%+ of the American vote in secret.)

While what transpired remains closely guarded, whatever went on behind the
scenes was clearly decisive: Bush took the lead in the election, and John
Kerry suffered the same fate as Al Gore had four years earlier . . . perhaps
even in the same way.

"A Spaghetti Western Would Have Been Better"

Prima facie evidence that this year's American Presidential Election was
fixed can be found in the recent statements by numerous computer security
experts that it could have been. And if it could have been, it probably was...

"If you leave the door to the bank vault open, sooner or later you're going
to get robbed," said one. "Its just human nature. And besides, fixing
elections is far more lucrative than robbing banks."

Analysts describe the software as "spaghetti code," tangled strands of
instructions indecipherable to outsiders. Experts say the code can be
manipulated without detection. In fact, many believe it may have happened

So it may be of interest to learn that Smurfit (the richest man in Ireland,
though he's not Irish) has a penchant for hanging out at Geneva racetracks
with international gamblers and Zurich currency speculators. He must have a
habit for picking winners, too: his company was successful in suborning the
Louisiana Commissioner of Elections for over a decade...

(Network America comment: If the richest man in Ireland, Smurfit, is not Irish -- what is he? Is he Jewish like virtually every other person we find at the top of these votescam schemes? Examples are Ahmanson, the majority stockholder at ES &S, the Urosovich brothers behind ES &S and Diebold, the Rapps behind Triad, and Alex Kantarovich, the mysterious "Russian" immigrant who provided ES &S with it's black box software in 2000.)

Jerry Fowler had run up some big gambling debts at Harrah's in Atlantic
City, we learned. So he found the chance to pay off by making his voting
machines "pay off" irresistible. In all, 22 people were indicted, 9 pled
guilty, and Fowler went to jail.

But the Sequoia Pacific "Southeast Sales Manager," a man named Pasquale
"Rocco" Ricci of Marlton, New Jersey, barely even got a slap on the wrist.
For the crime of suborning democracy in the state of Louisiana for over a
decade, Mr. Ricci was sentenced to just a year . . .

A year of home detention.

Through multi-billion dollar federal subsidies, electronic voting has been
pushed onto the American electorate. And its not hard to see why . . . the
heady prospect of a sure thing.

But America may never again have an honest Presidential election.

Former Manhattan Commissioner of Elections Douglas Kellner told the

"The problem is that, with an electronic voting system,
you can never be sure that the vote is being recorded the same way it was
cast. Because the only record is done electronically, there is no paper
audit trail.

"And any good computer person can alter the electronic record."

Most Americans, if they think about it at all, expect that the people
standing behind the voting machines on which their votes are cast and
tallied look like computer experts wearing white lab coats from IBM.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

"They Could Steal the Presidency!"

Investigating the ownership of the two companies that together dominate the
American elections industry reveals evidence of routine and systemic
bribery of public officials, not just here but overseas (the recent Prime
Minister of Ireland, to give just one example.)

It is a world filledónot with guys in lab coats and pocket protectorsóbut
with guys with links to the Mob, or international money launderers, Zurich
currency manipulators, telecom scandals, off-shore Channel Islands accounts
in the names of fictitious people, "untraceable shareholders," Bahamian
resort owners, and supra-national financiers.

Tests performed and videotaped by candidate Susan Bernecker in New Orleans
in 1994 demonstrated that votes she cast for herself were electronically
recorded for her opponent. This test was repeated multiple times with the
same result, thus confirming that the machine had been fraudulently altered
to influence the outcome of the election.

(Network America comment: Our understanding was that fitness instructor Susan Bernecker, running against an old political hack who had acquired the smell of corruption with the voters, had tested numerous voting machines on the day after that 1994 election and proved than many with the Find our comment on the Jack Anderson here.)

After Susan Bernecker lost a New Orleans City Council race in 1994, she
decided to exercise her legal right to inspect the voting machines three
days after the election . . . and she took along a video camera.

(The shocking results can be seen in our documentary "The Big Fix 2000". )

Three times she keyed in her own name on the voting machines, and three
times a vote for her opponent was registered. After these proceedings she
perhaps justly feared for her life if she kept the secret to
herself . . . She convened a hastily-called press conference, and then retired
from public life.

"A Nostradamus for our times"

"The next President of the United States may not be chosen by the voters of
the United States. Instead, he or she may be the choice of whomever
controls or manipulates the computer systems that tally the votes," wrote
Ronnie Dugger in the New York Times a decade ago.

"With the entire system shrouded in mystery and absent of assurances that
the voting process is tamper-proof, voters these days have more reason than
ever to ask, "Does my vote count?" "The whole damn thing is mind-boggling,"
said someone who investigates computerized elections. "They could steal the

"I don't believe in counting votes in secret," Manhattan Commissioner Doug
Kellner told us. "I think the public has a right to see what's happening
at every step of the way."

The problem is so manifestly obvious that even humor columnist Dave Barry
was moved to offer a desperate solution, in the Miami Herald: "My
suggestion - call me crazy - is that we print the ballot on paper, with a
box next to each candidate's name. We instruct a voter to put an X in their
candidate's box. Then we have human beings count the Xs."

Sounds easy, practical, and cheap.

In the coming weeks we'll see why they'll never let that happen.

(End of Hopsicker article)