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  Votescam Overview 2007
The mechanism by which 4 private companies have been delegated
 the power to nullify the voters' choice, and substitute their own.

by Jim Condit Jr. 
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


(Question: Would Lt. Columbo or Jim Rockford accept this situation?)

A complementary report exposing exit polls is A House Without Doors in our votefraud.org "must read" Archives. This article section explains how the Big TV Networks and their creature, Voter News Service aka VNS, [by 2004, under fire from the public, this branch of the votefraud syndicate morphed into National Election Pool aka NEP]  perpetrated election fraud against Presidential Candidate Patrick J. Buchanan, the people of Iowa, and the people of the USA during the Iowa Presidential Caucus in 1996. This brazen fraud by the five Big TV Networks, their creature Voter News Service, and the Republican Party headquarters of Iowa -- was uncovered through eye-witness investigation -- on the spot -- by the author of this article and his team in Dubuque Iowa on February 12, 1996 in Dubuque, Iowa. Other eye-witnesses included business men Christopher Schaper and Douglas Zeitz, local residents and local "Buchanan for President" co-ordinators Sam and Lois Pusateri, at least one of their local activists who were eye-witnesses in each classroom where the Iowa Caucus paper ballots for that respective neighborhood precinct were manually counted in open view of all participants. And then Republican party chairman of Dubuque County Rod Blum, a successful local businessman who ran a perfectly clean caucus election. --   In Dubuque, Iowa we were able to know the actual count because neighbors voted in 41 classrooms and then the paper ballots were immediately counted IN PUBLIC. We were then able to see, the next morning, how the 5 Big TV Networks through Voter News Service and AP wire service fraudulently altered the actual vote count. AP reported this fraudulent "result" to the Big Daily Papers and the rest of the "mainstream" media -- all of which media outlets uncritically reported the altered results. In this way we were able to prove the election fraud in Dubuque, County Iowa in the 1996 Presidential Caucus. The same mechanism is in operation in 99% of the counties in the USA -- but there is no chance at all of detecting election fraud because of the unconstitutional delegation to about 4 private companies (Diebold, Sequoia, Hart, and Election Systems & Software, often abbreviated ES & S) by the Republican-Democratic controlled Boards of Election. The local boards of election illegally use the local police force to prevent citizen participation in counting the votes on the ballots cast at that neighborhood precinct,and then to snatch the ballots away from the neighborhood voters. Then the ballots are taken downtown where, again protected by police power, they are "counted" IN SECRET by the mechanism explained in the below article. If you understand the article "A House WIthout Doors" linked above, and this article presented below, you then understand the mechanism by which every key election in the USA  (excluding a few local elections in New Hampshire and a few other very small counties) can be stolen by those behind the 4 private companies which "count" 99% of the USA vote.

 The mechanism in general elections -- SUCH AS ON PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION NIGHTS -- goes this way:

(Note well as background: -- The 50 states in the USA are divided into 3100+ counties. Ohio, for instance, is divided into 88 counties: Iowa is divided into 99 counties, and so on. In approximately 1% of these counties, there are paper ballots which are hand counted properly -- the way all of our counties should be counting our ballots; this 1% "hall of fame" consists of about half of the counties in New Hampshire, and a very few VERY small counties scattered throughout the USA. The comments below do not apply to this 1% of the counties in the USA which still count the citizens' ballots properly.)

 a) In 99% of the counties, if there are paper ballots or some kind of a paper trail, then the Democratic and Republican controlled Boards of Elections make sure that the ballots are snatched from the neighborhood precinct as the polls close. This is to make sure that the neighborhood citizens do NOT have a chance to count -- or at least spot check -- their own votes. Such counting or spot-checking by the citizens would make centralized computer vote-rigging impossible -- and this is why the corrupt Ruling Elite behind the national Democratic and Republican parties oppose any such citizen participation at the neighborhood precinct level. As American Free Press investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn has repeatedly emphasized in his articles and speeches (paraphrase), "Centralized counting is the common feature of all governments trying to rig elections." In places where there are no paper ballots -- meaning that county is using touch screens where a bleep of energy for each "vote" supposedly goes somewhere to be "counted" -- then there is nothing for the citizens at the neighborhood polling places -- even potentially -- to count, check, or observe; as investigative reporter Lynn Landes of ecotalk.org has insisted, we must have machine-free, computer-free elections, with all computers and mechanical devices rigorously outlawed and excluded from the election process;

 b)  In these 99% of USA counties citizens are forced to use either computer or machine methods of casting a ballot. The Democratic and Republican parties at the county level delegate the "counting" to one of a few mega-companies which count about 96% of the US vote IN SECRET. In 2007, the four companies which were delegated the power to count 96% of the votes in the USA were Election Systems & Software (aka ES & S), Diebold, Hart, and Sequoia. The local county election boards use armed guards to make sure the citizens, candidates, and reporters cannot see what these private companies are doing to the ballots in the "counting room" on election night. Since 1973, the powers behind the RNC and the DNC have arm-twisted, persuaded, and incentivized the local operatives in 3100+ counties in the USA to unconstitutionally delegate the vote counting to these four mysterious mega-companies. By 1988, the Computer Votefraud Syndicate had consolidated their control over 49 states, and half of New Hampshire.

 c) the private companies controlling the ballots then give a direct feed to a team of manipulators which represent a pool of the AP wire service and the 5 Big TV Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, & FOX); see Christopher Bollyn's article linked on our home page, "How a Private Company Counts our Votes on Election Night";

 d) the Ruling Elite behind the 5 Big TV networks, which Ruling Elite is also behind the Federal Reserve Board (which issues all US money in secret, i.e., without having been subject to an audit since 1913 when Congress dubiously delegated to this private company the power to issue US money), the private companies "counting" the vote, the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), -- designate agents of this Ruling Elite in New York City (or some other pre-determined central location) to look at the raw feed which tells them how the voters actually voted, -- then, if necessary, change the vote count if desired, that is, if the voters didn't vote the way the Ruling Elite wanted, -- and, as the next step -- the Ruling Elite agents at the centralized computer votefraud location sends the approved and/or altered count back to the agents of their private companies at each county Board of Elections; and, then,

 e) the nameless, faceless agents of the private companies in each county throw the approved and/or altered election "results" onto a monitor that the public, the Board of Election officials, and the candidates are allowed to see; as a rule, the malfeasance of the local Election Officials is NOT that they are fixing the vote themselves, but that they have improperly delegated their power and RESPONSIBILITY to ensure an accurate and honest vote count to a few major mega-corporations whose agents (both the agents on site in each local county, and the top agents at the centralized computer votefraud location which is receiving the feed from on-site agents in each county) have unchecked power to alter the vote count on election night; then, finally,

 f) the employees of the disgraceful Big Media, both local and national, enthusiastically announce this "election result" as if it were verified and real. The people, for instance, on Presidential Election Night 2004 were fooled -- again -- because they falsely believed that the "Democrats were watching the Republicans and the Republicans were watching the Democrats"; we, the people, were used; we served as mere window dressing -- giving undeserved credibility and cover to the easily computer-rigged "official count" announced by the 5 Big TV Networks.

 g) If one or more of the candidates wants a recount, here is what they face: if there are no paper ballots, then there is nothing to count or recount. Real life historical examples of this type of absurd situation are reported in chapter 2 (available online) and a related appendix II in Bev Harris's book, Black Box Voting, at www.blackboxvoting.com ; if there are paper ballots, or a paper record as some machines have, then you can't get at these paper ballots until generally about 3 weeks after the election day, by which time there has been plenty of time and opportunity for the real ballots to be switched -- and replaced with phony ballots that will make the altered computer-count look real. If you don't think this is a real possibility, read Christopher Bollyn's eye-witness report on election night 2004 in Cook County, Illinois.

For the Solution to this incredible, treacherous, subversive, and treasonous state of affairs, go to how our votes should be counted.

(More to follow eventually on the above section.)

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What follows was written in late 2002/early2003 and was the original material on this page:

Why every American needs to study this website:

The Votefraud Syndicate, led by Senator Charles Schumer of New York (Democrat) and rubber-stamped by President George W. Bush (Republican), is pushing through the implementation of the criminal "Help Americans Vote Act" of 2002 or HAVA -- which should be called the "Helping the Modern Tyrants Steal the American Vote by Computer Fraud" Act.

HAVA appropriates $4 billion of our money to entice brain-dead state and county election officials to implement computer "vote-counting" systems from basically three major companies, Diebold, Sequoia, and Election Systems & Software -- all run by the same Ruling Elite, explained in the "Motive for computerized votefraud" link on the votefraud.org home page.

These systems provide for no effective paper trail, no citizen checks and balances, thwart the "consent of the governed" demanded by the founding documents of the United States of America, violate the Supreme Court rulings of 1915 and 1964 on a citizen's right to vote, and are just plain criminal no matter HOW you slice it.

One article we refer to in the "Breaking News Items by date" section puts it this way:

 "Computer scientist Peter Neumann spent two decades looking into computer software security. He's big on computers, it's safe to say, but when it comes to computers and elections he says "paper" is the way to go; pointing out computerized touch-screen voting machines can provide no assurance our votes have been recorded. Neuman is, like hundreds of his colleagues, a proponent of paper ballots despite the advent of high tech voting options."

". . . can provide NO ASSURANCE our votes have been recorded" ?????? That's right -- and unless you postulate that all the responsible election officials are moronically stupid -- it can't be a mistake, it must be planned that way.

It's impossible that anyone trying to ensure an honest vote count could be as STUPID as the national Republicans, Democrats, and election officials across the nation are acting. After all -- THIS IS THEIR MAIN JOB! TO SAFEGUARD AN HONEST AND ACCURATE ELECTION COUNT IS THEIR ENTIRE REASON FOR EXISTENCE. (Oh, most of them are just "going along to get along" -- but they are still "going along" with the criminal Votefraud Syndicate at the top who planned it that way.)

Where to begin? Read the five top articles in the "Primer" section, and then read "Understanding the Real 2000 Election Scam" -- we suggest that you read the latter article completely through without clicking on the links the first time through, -- and then read through the article a second time, this time hitting the links --  or at least those links that interest you.

Then, at the bottom of the "Primer" page you will find links to as many of the important websites as we know about at this time, such as www.blackboxvoting.com and Lynn Landes' site www.ecotalk.org/VotingSecurity.htm -- which deal with the "computerized votefraud vs. honest elections" issue in an in depth way.

Finally, finish with The Answer: How Our Votes Should Be Counted Each Election and with the Action Solution! section on our votefraud.org home page which details a concrete plan on how to implement the solution. One more thing:

You are at the OLDEST and FIRST website dealing with the computerized votefraud problem. Some of the other recommended websites look a lot better, and have much more technical information. BUT -- it is only here, on votefraud.org, that you will get an accurate glimpse of ALL aspects of this issue, including the one that most of the websites leave out completely, or deal with inadequately: the Ruling Elite behind the Votefraud Syndicate, and what is their motive. This Ruling Elite stands behind the national leaderships of both the Republican and Democratic parties, which are in effect, "two wings on the same bird of prey".

When you understand how to identify the enemy and resist their trickery, and when you understand WHAT the solution to ensure honest elections is, and finally what action grassroots Americans need to take in each and every one of the 3111 or so counties in this nation -- then you can be a part of the solution, as we try to salvage freedom in our country. --- It's 1776 all over again -- but this time -- YOU ARE THERE!

Jim Condit Jr., Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count.