Pictures from the Historic
Citizens for a Fair Vote Count

Ramada Inn Airport
Cincinnati, Ohio
August 25-27, 2000


Donato Dalrymple
Donato Dalrymple
The "Fisherman" who saved Elian Gonzalez on the high seas, was presented with a special Freedom Award by guest speaker Howard Phillips, Presidential Candidate of the Constitution Party for the 2000 presidential Election. This award was given at the end of the convention on Sunday afternoon.


Ruth Dupree
Ruth Dupree (left)
Receiving a second Freedom Award on behalf of Marislesius Gonzalez and the Cuban-American community, presented by Therese Condit. Marislesius was the aunt who cared for Elian Gonzalez in Florida  until he was forcibly return to Cuban Dictator Castro by the evil Clinton Administration.


Donato, Ruth and Linda
Donato Dalrymple; Linda Muller, webmaster for Buchanan for President; and Ruth Dupree


Vicki Collier
Victoria Collier
Daughter of the late James Collier
(author of VoteScam: The Stealing of America). Victoria and her mother Phylis accepted the "LifeTime Achievement Award" posthumously, on behalf of her late father, James Collier, and her late uncle, Ken Collier. She also addressed the assembled gathering on the future. Victoria is holding up the Torch for Paper Ballots handcounted at the precinct ONLY.


Nick Landholt
Nick Landholt
Director of PACE (Patriots Assuring Clean Elections) recommending the book, "The Control room".


Devvy Kidd
Devvy Kidd
Giving an overview of cases of Vote Fraud, Devvy is an author, an activist and a true Patriot.


Chris Schaper
Christopher Schaper
 Speaking on Saturday afternoon. Chis was with Doug Zeitz and Jim Condit Jr. on February 12, 1996 at the Iowa Caucuses in Dubuque, Iowa. They uncovered and proved votefraud perpetrated against candidate Pat Buchanan, the people of Dubuque County and the United States of America -- perpetrated by the sinister Voter News Service and the five TV networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX) which own it. The full story is here.


Howard Phillips and Orville Weyrich
Orville Weyrich (left) and Howard Phillips
Howard was the Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party in 2000, and Orville Weyrich is an Honest Elections Crusader from Arizona. The Constitution Party, under Howard Philips' leadership, remains the only national party with a proper plank regarding the Honest Elections issue.


Dan Gutenkauf
Chuck Geshlider
Founder of W.A.T.C.H. (We Aim To Clean House). Chuck Geshlider gave a surprise, stirring address to the assembled delegates on Saturday Night. This address is available on the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count convention videotapes.


John Gilbert
John Gilbert
John made it possible for votefraud researcher Dan Gutenkauf to make it to the convention and address the delegates with his essential research on the subject. John also address the convention as a delegate from Arizona.


Jim Condit
Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count;
Moderator of the CFVC Convention in August 2000


Susan Madori
Susan Madori
Speaking on the dangers of the
Reform Party "Mail in" and Internet voting scheme, which Susan was instrumental in thwarting.


Brent Beleskey
Brent Beleskey
Leader of the Canadian based
International Voters Coalition. Brent's very valuable website is:



Linda Muller
Linda Muller
 Speaking on "How the Internet Will Help Us Win." Linda is the pioneer behind, the Constitution Party website (originally US Taxpayers website), and our very own website (originally In 1996 Linda immediately saw the significance of the votefraud issue and the dangers of computer votefraud to independent-minded campaigns such as the Buchanan campaign, for which she was already working. Linda got our "First ever in the nation" votefraud site up and running in March 1996.



James Condit, Sr.
James Condit, Sr.
Attorney who secured the first ever and perhaps only court order recognizing that a computer vote-counting system did not secure an honest vote; obtained the court order allowing the Collier brothers to film at the Hamilton County (Cincinnati) Board of Elections on election night 1985, and allowed Robert Strunk to walk through the same BOE from which his important report to the Court emanated; and obtained the court order in 1987 which allowed the Cincinnati wiretappers, Leonard Gates and Bob Draise, to put their testimony regarding wiretapping prominent people and the computerized voting machines -- into the record. Based on this court testimony Cincinnati's Channel 12 Anchorman, Nick Clooney (father of George and brother of Rosemary) ran a stellar 5 minute news spot with reporter Mary Krutko, which is shown on the "Friday Night at the Movies" on the CFVC videotapes.


Other speakers included: Ron Keller; Dan Gutenkauf; Dick Murphy; Wayne Roques; Tom Lingenfelter; Tom Valentine; and others (sorry no photos available)

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