Quick Guide to Understanding
the "Votescam" Election Issue

(This was an email I wrote to a great Gentleman who wanted to study this issue, it was sent out on November 12, 2009 - Jim Condit Jr.)


Dear (Name) –

I would first suggest watching, “South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul” --- a ten minute youtube video which you can find here: 



This is an attempted “10 minute college course” on the state of our deplorable elections system.

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I’ve listed some other books and DVD’s next, but the last section has articles immediately available through my website, votefraud.org


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I believe the entire state of Georgia used the “paperless, ballot-less” computer voting systems in the year that Saxby Chambliss was “elected.” Since then, they’ve returned to ballots. Columbus, Ohio also used this absurd system around 2000 for an election or two.


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The 2008 DVD, “Hacking Democracy” is available at Blockbuster, online, or for free on youtube or googlevideo in 9 parts, I think.


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The Right to Count DVD 

At www.therighttocount.com – (I am the last person on the trailer); which you can watch for free online


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Votescam: The Stealing of America – by James and Ken Collier, 1992 (my family's efforts in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1985 are found in chapter 12 of that book);


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BlackBoxVoting.org – the 2002 book, “Black Box Voting” is up for free, chapter by chapter on that homepage.

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Look for the votefraud stuff, there’s also ecology stuff – but
Lynn Landes is a superb reporter, and at the very, very top on the computerized election issue..


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www.votefraud.org – is my website and was the earliest up on the web, in March 1996, (thanks to Linda Muller, who was also the webmaster for Pat Buchanan's Presidential Campaign at that time) on this issue of “Honest, Open Ballot Counts” vs. “Secretly counted computerized elections.”

Here are some articles to read, and why. All these articles are linked on the home page of votefraud.org in the blue box to the left hand side of the page, a few inches down, but here are the direct links.


 Read at least the first few paragraphs of this article, which appeared in the Nation magazine in 2004.

The Dems and Republs at national, state, and county levels – turned the voting system over to primarily 4 companies. It’s the Dems and Repubs that betrayed us into the hands of the N W O criminals running these four companies, -- the same crowd that runs the 5 TV networks and the FED.


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Pandora’s Black Box: Did it Really Count Your vote? By Dr. Philip O’Halloran 

16 pages, superb; all you need to know up till 1996; this and the youtube, South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul – gives you a full education.


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How our votes are counted by a Private Company on Election night by Christopher Bollyn 

Eyewitness account from Cook County Illinois on election night 2004. Bollyn sees AP wire girl reading novel while her laptop is hooked up to mainframe computer sending real time election results back to NYC. This is how they monitor and, if necessary, change the vote in key elections.

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A House Without Doors, by Jim Condit Jr.

How Pat Buchanan and his supporters were defrauded by the GOP of Iowa, the 4 big TV Networks (No FOX Cable then), AP wire, and Voter News Service in Dubuque County, Iowa on March 12, 1996

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Network America Archive, Jan 2010 to June 2001 – a lot of info on this subject week by week


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The Greatest Coverup of all: Votefraud in America by Jim Condit Jr.

About the situation from 1973 to 1988 written in 1992; our own experiences in Cincinnati are relied on as a touchstone point, but this was happening throughout the entire nation.


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Finally, only ½ of New Hampshire holds out, and perhaps a few small counties in Idaho, Montana, and Texas, although I am unconvinced of these until further investigation; counting the NUMBER of ballots cast, which all jurisdictions allow, is NOT counting the ballots and votes at the neighborhood precinct before they disappear..------------  Anyone can call their local board of elections, or secretary of state – and ask what is the procedure for citizens to SEE THE ACTUAL BALLOTS on election night, before the ballots leave the neighborhood precinct, and for local citizens to count the ballots – in order to double check the computer programming. If anyone anywhere finds there is a procedure to do so, we will send observers to watch it.

The Board of Elections officials will talk about everything else, especially how “safe’ their procedures are. The whole idea is to hide the ballots from the people on election day and for about 21 days thereafter, -- for what reason? Obviously so that elections can be fixed when “need be.”

In most precincts now, the voter marks a paper ballot, feeds it into an ATM type machine – into which the ballot disappears, never to be seen again on election day – or until, and IF, there is a recount, usually held about 21 days later. 21 days is plenty of time to switch ballots to make the published computer “results” come “true.”

The "sin" of the local election officials is not they they are doing the fixing. Their sin is standing aside and delegating the all important processing of the ballots to four, mysterious private companies who -- I assure you -- are not working for the American people.

Before the computer/machine age – if the ballots ever disappeared from the sight of the neighborhood judges before they were counted – then all the ballots were viewed as spoiled, and the election was done over in that precinct. In former times Americans knew that if anyone wanted to hide the ballots from the people before they count was done at the precinct level – that they were up to no good.


If you press the elections officials about seeing and counting the ballots on election day before they leave the precinct, you will get polite, or not so polite, indications that anyone who tries to see the ballots on election day will be arrested.


We never use the term “voter fraud”, because the number of voters who would try to commit fraud pales into nothingness next to the guys running the computers for the elections in 99% of the nation – being able to fix the computers because they have the codes that tell the computers what to do; It is votefraud that we are worried about – computerized votefraud perpetrated by Diebold, ES &S, Hart, and Sequoia, -- while the local and state election officials stand back and use the police power to block the citizens from seeing what these 4 mega-companies are doing to the nation’s votes on election day.




Jim Condit Jr.