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Our information exposing the computerized votefraud syndicate was put up on the world wide web in March, 1996 under "" thanks to Linda Muller, then webmastering Buchanan for President, who saw the importance of the computerized votefraud issue as soon as she heard about it.

Then in 1998 we moved to  which is now our organizing and action website. Circa September 2000; the "computerized votefraud vs. honest elections"  information was moved here -- to A more detailed explanation follows below.

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How our home became -- An explanation

Popular Science magazine recognized our website in its first year of existence

". . .a fascinating argument that Pat Buchanan beat Bob Dole in the Republican primaries only when paper ballots were manually counted. You decide."
Popular Science November 1996, p. 74

The edition which carried the quote above can be found in the library. The reason we have truncated the quote is because it refers to what at that time was our original website, That website still exists with its original logo, but is now the home for the "fight the fingerprint" effort - a movement to prevent Big Brother-type use of fingerprints, eyescans, etc. and Larry Becraft, Jr., Constitutional lawyer.

When the votefraud battle receded in 1997, we allowed the "Fight the Fingerprint" group to use our website, and that effort prevailed in Alabama shortly thereafter, attracting interest from all over the world. So it worked out that they kept and we transferred our information to

Then, in 2000, when we were about to direct radio listeners to our website with the Ken Lowndes for Congress radio ads, it was determined that "" was too hard to remember for people driving in their cars. So was acquired, as something easy to remember for people hearing a radio ad in their car.

But we retained, which is being developed into our organizational arm, to finally teach America how to spend 10 hrs per year, participate in their neighborhood precinct election, go to the bi-annual organizational convention for the party of their choice in their county -- and thereby take back the country through re-installing an honest vote count, among other things. -- and are complimentary websites.

The article about the vote fraud perpetrated by the Big TV Networks and their company, Voter News Service (VNS), in Dubuque, Iowa on February 12 and 13, 1996 -- to which the Popular Science magazine article of November, 1996 referred to on page 74, can still be found in our archives by clicking here.

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