A newspaper was printed to expose the votefraud our team uncovered in Dubuqe, Iowa on February 12 and 13, 1996. Nearly 20,000 of them were printed and distributed, many at the 1996 Republican Convention in San Diego.

A courageous GOP delegate pledged to Buchanan as a part of the Missouri delegation, Mr. Jack Walters, saw a copy of the newspaper, and mentioned that he was in full support of our information and message on the Roger Hedgecock radio show, which was broadcasting from the floor of the convention. Hedgecock, who sometimes sits in for Rush Limbaugh, quickly terminated the interview once Walters brought up the dreaded subject of computerized votefraud (dreaded by the Big Media, that is).

 On the front cover of the newspaper was a picture of Ted Koppel of ABC's Nightline, with the caption: "Ted Koppel: What did he know, and when did he know it?" Ted Koppel and his crew left the convention in the middle of the week -- something that had never been done before, and has never been done since by any major network in regards to any major party Presidential convention -- claiming the there was "no news" at the GOP convention. As if there isn't at least one or the two major party convention each Presidential year that don't fit the same description of "no news." Then on the Friday Night before the election Koppel and Nightline did a totally absurd show going into what Voter News Service was -- and how there really was competition between the (at that time) four major TV Networks. We still have this half hour on videotape. Is it possible that the distribution of the below newspaper to so many Republican and media "movers and shakers" at the San Diego GOP convention caused Koppel to feel that he needed to do some damage control? We would like to think so.

Here are the two middle pages of the newspaper, having to do with the Dubuque, Iowa case, where ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and AP votefrauded Buchanan through their jointly owned company, Voter News Service, in favor of the lackluster Establishment errand boy, Senator Robert Dole of Kansas. Here's pages 2 and 3 of the 1996 newspaper, which was entitled: Help Break the Cover-up:


July - November, 1996
From Pages 2-3



Voter News Service (VNS) Falsified GOP Primary Vote in Dubuque, Iowa
Bringing to Light Mechanism By Which Every Election in the USA Can Be Rigged

by James J. Condit Jr.

. . . as Director of Cincinnatus PAC, has been working on the computer votefraud issue for 17 years - since 1979. His group obtained one of the few favorable court decisions in 1985 declaring the computer vote tabulating system in Cincinnati, Ohio to be without sufficient safeguards against hostile manipulation. In recent months, since the votefraud in Dubuque was uncovered, Condit has appeared on over 750 radio outlets on the subject of votefraud and the question of verifiable computer counts in the recent Republican Presidential Primaries.


Network Election Night Competition - a Hoax

For decades CBS, ABC, and NBC have pretended on election night to be in hot competition to get on the air first with "winner" and "loser" projections. Dan Rather or Tom Brokaw would come on the air and solemnly intone something like: "CBS News can now project that President Bush is the winner in Florida."

As a viewer, I imagined that analysts were sweating in the back room; perhaps 30 accountants were nervously crunching numbers - all in an attempt to get their anchor man on the air first with the projection of the winner. Wow!

Now we know it was all a hoax. For all the networks (CNN now included) were getting the exact same numbers, at the exact same time, from the exact same company - from a company that the networks appear to jointly own: Voter News Service (VNS).

While VNS has changed its name regularly, its headquarters are at 225 W. 34th St., NY, NY and it has been the polling arm of all the Big TV networks since at least 1972. If the networks do not jointly own VNS, who is powerful enough to cause all these supposed competitors (CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN) to use the exact same exit polling arm?

Skeptics should refer to Time Magazine, March 2, 1992, pg 22 bottom, where a box entitled "The Morning After" testifies to the fact that all the major TV networks use this same exit polling source.

More devastating evidence surfaced when, thanks to a tip from the Collier brothers (authors of Vote-scam: The Stealing of America), this writer and freelance photographer Jason Miller "crashed the party" at Cincinnati, Ohio's Convention Center, where Voter News Service was conducting one of its highly secretive regional operations during the 1986 Ohio primary. Miller was able to snap a picture of a VNS (then called NES for News Election Service) badge which at that time sported the logos of CBS, ABC, NBC, UPI and AP. (UPI has since gone under; CNN has been added.)

So, if the 4 big networks were willing to fool you (and me) by pretending that they were in competition on election night when in reality they were in total harmony and cooperation, what else are they willing to fool us about? Plenty.


"Incredible" Projection By VNS, AP Wire Service, and Big Networks

Try to explain this: At 7:01 PM Central Standard Time - 1 minute after the Iowa Caucuses opened on Feb. 12, 1996! - the Associated Press sent a newswire around the world announcing: "Bob Dole wins Iowa Republican Caucuses." (Copy on file courtesy of KDTH/KAT FM radio station in Dubuque, Iowa.)

During normal elections, Voter News Service takes "exit polls" throughout the day from the few voters that will talk to them, as such voters are leaving the polling place after casting their votes. Since the Iowa Caucus took place from 7 PM to 9 PM, the networks are claiming that VNS took "entrance polls" between 6:30 PM and 7 PM - before the Iowa Caucus started.

How was it possible for VNS to have its supposedly hundreds of field people interview Iowans as they rushed into the 2000+ caucus gatherings between 6:30 and 7:00 PM, then phone their results into VNS headquarters in New York City (a time consuming process), and then for the VNS office to collate the supposedly thousands of Citizen responses, turn the info over to the AP wire service (and the Networks, Peter Jennings at ABC projected Dole the Winner at 4 minutes till 7!), so that AP could analyze the statewide entrance polling information and announce an "accurate" projection of the winner in a race that was ultimately decided by only 3 percentage points - all by 1 minute after the caucuses officially opened, and clearly before even one vote had been cast, let alone counted, in the Iowa Caucuses!!!??!!!

The whole "process" is absurd on its face. And yet this instantaneous projection scenario has been witnessed in every critical election in the U.S. since 1972.

Contrast this with the recent Israeli election, where, despite exit polling, no media was able to project the winner until 3 DAYS after the election. Why? Because that was a real election with checks and balances. No one could possibly rig it from a central location. The Collier's report in Votescam that Israel, like the world's largest democracy, India, still uses paper ballots.


The Iowa Folks Ran An Honest Caucus on the Local level, But ...

Let's look at what actually happened Feb. 12, 1996 in Dubuque County, Iowa. The local people ran a completely open and honest election. The county's 41 precincts caucused in 41 classrooms at two local High Schools. The participants in each classroom voted on easily read paper ballots. The ballots were then counted right there at the front of the classroom with candidate representatives welcome to observe.

Then representatives from competing factions in each classroom ran their results down the hall to the County Chairman, who waited with a cell phone. The County Chairman invited each group to stay as he phoned in their precinct's results -- just to be sure he didn't make a mistake. The results from all 41 precincts in the county were then posted on a chalk board where representatives from the various campaigns could double check them. Everything checked out. Buchanan 870; Dole 339; Keyes 245; the rest far behind. (A copy of the official tally sheets from all 41 precincts in Dubuque County are on file.)


How Phony Exit Poll Projections Turn Into Phony Final Results?

But where had that GOP county Chairman, as well as all the rest of the local Iowa Republican caucus leaders been directed to call their results? To the GOP State committee?  To the Iowa Secretary of State? No! VNS! To Voter News Service in New York City! (See Sen. Grassley's letter nearby for an official confirmation of this eye-opening fact.)


The following letter was a response from Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) to one of his constituents, Mrs. Lois Pusateri of Dubuque, Iowa. Here is the text (copy on file) of Senator Grassley's Letter confirming that the Iowa GOP appointed the shadowy Voter News Service to collate and tabulate the 99 county totals for the 1996 Iowa Caucus:

Senator Charles E. Grassley
Washington, D.C.

June 6, 1996

Mrs. Lois Pusateri
2425 Green Street
Dubuque, Iowa 52001

Dear Mrs. Pusateri:

Thank you for writing to me regarding your concerns about vote fraud in the Iowa caucuses. To start with, let me explain the system.

Seeking to ensure an honest reporting of voting information, since 1988, the Iowa Caucuses have operated under the system whereby the precinct gives its results to the county which, in turn, passes the information on to the "official" reporting outlet, the Voter News Service (VNS). All reports go directly from the county to VNS. The State Republican Party has no role in this reporting process and no independent verification of the votes. VNS is the first entity to get the results and then it reports them.

I don't know for certain why there was a discrepancy between what you saw reported and what the actual numbers were, but there is a significant lag time between the time the votes are cast and when the state party gets the final, confirmed information from the county. This is why the final numbers aren't available for several weeks.

I certainly understand your concern regarding voting fraud. it is, indeed, a very serious matter. But, under the system I described above, i believe a fair accounting of the Iowa Caucuses takes place.

Please contact me again when you have questions or concerns on any matter.


(Chuck in the Senator's handwriting)

Charles E. Grassley
United States Senator




This means that the GOP State Party had consciously and willingly abdicated its responsibility by turning over the GOP Iowa Caucus vote tabulation to a media-controlled service (VNS), instead of relying on communication from its own people directly.

While this abdication of responsibility on election night may seem odd, even incredible, at first glance, it is not unusual. It happens in almost every county in the United States almost every election night. Election officials nationwide, most significantly the Secretary of State in all 50 states, willingly abdicate their responsibility to a relative handful of computer programmers, voting machine technicians, - and VNS.

So how did VNS handle its stewardship in Dubuque County during the 1996 GOP Iowa Caucus? Badly, and perhaps criminally. By the next morning, only ten hours later, VNS had objectively falsified the results and sent those false results back through the Associated Press to be published all over Iowa. Buchanan had "lost" 13% of his vote as it passed through the VNS and AP offices on its way back to the Des Moines Register! AP reported Buchanan garnered only 757 votes - down from the 870 he had actually received.

If VNS shorted Buchanan even 4% on average across Iowa, then Patrick J. Buchanan, not Sen. Robert Dole, won the Iowa Caucuses.

Calls from multiple witnesses to GOP State Headquarters and VNS brought arrogant, insulting responses. There was no interest in seriously discussing, let alone correcting, their "mistake." VNS would offer nothing. Iowa GOP headquarters insisted that they were in VNS's hands, and had to wait for the "official results" - which have still not been published to this day. Copies of the Feb 13, 1996 Des Moines Register, The Cedar Rapid Gazette, and a final fax made to the various campaigns from VNS is on file. A comparison of these sources against the official tally sheets proves that 13% (or 113 votes) disappeared from the Buchanan column, as if by magic, overnight. (See Lois Pusateri's response to Senator Grassley one paragraph down for proof of a second falsification.)

The "geniuses" at VNS who had projected "accurate results" 1 minute after the Iowa Caucuses began and before any votes had been cast or counted - had metamorphosized into morons right after the false results were published the next morning; for by June 12 - 4 months later - they still couldn't give the public the final count!


Below is the text of Mrs. Lois Pusateri's Response (copy on file) to Senator Charles Grassley's letter (reproduced above):

2425 Green St.
Dubuque, IA 52001
June 17, 1996

Senator Charles Grassley
U.S. Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator:

Thank you for your letter in regard to the vote fraud in Dubuque County at the Caucus about which I wrote you on April 12. Though in truth you obviously had not read my questions, because failed to answer why . . .

1) The Republican Party would turn over its vote count report to a media-controlled service like VNS instead of relying on communication from its own people directly?

2) Why VNS then failed to give the correct numbers when ALL precincts had reported by 10:30 p.m. Feb. 12, night of the caucus and plenty of time for the Des Moines Register's next edition, and gave a different total to the Cedar Rapids Gazette? (They have NEVER announced all precinct in, onl 38 -- a palpable lie.)

3) Why you would continue to believe that under this system we are assured a "fair count"?

The Honorable H.R. Gross, of untarnished ethical memory, would be aghast at the direction the Republican Party is taking under Senator Dole, with this matter as well as many other critical moral issues -- Bosnia, abortion, homosexuality, support of Red China, where human rights continue to be violated in the most heinous manner in the interest of the business community. Senator Dole did not even receive support at the state convention.

Don't be surprised if huge numbes of Republicans walk toward another candidate after San Diego.


(signed by Lois Pusateri)

Lois Pusateri (Mrs. Sam)



Implications of the Dubuque Case are Profound for Every Election Held in Every County


1. In Dubuque, Iowa VNS, confident as always of protection from ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the Associated Press, proved that they could blatantly and significantly falsify an election result, even though eye witnesses had been present to verify the true count from beginning to end.

It is infinitely easier to falsify the vast majority of elections where, since the 1970's, the public is not permitted to verify the true count. In fact, Citizens are prevented by law from having an opportunity to do so, at the polling place on election night; such is the case virtually everywhere that voting machines or computer vote counting methods are used.

Let's be clear on this point: in the Dubuque County case, VNS, protected by the Big Media, proved it could falsify results all by themselves - provided that the state Republican Party and the Iowa Secretary of State looked the other way.

In the typical November election, VNS and the Big TV networks - in addition to the (already accomplished) abdication of responsibility on the part of the Secretary of State in all 50 states - also need the cooperation of the 5 or 6 Establishment Computer programming companies which now provide election night "services" to a decisive number of counties in the United States at this time. (Those who challenge this analysis might try to get the votes hand counted in each precinct in their own county.)

By this point, well-informed Americans can put the pieces together. Even if Dubuque County is the only County in which an election has ever been falsified, Americans who love the truth will understand the danger inherent in current election practice to our freedom, independence, and national sovereignty. (Remember, elections officials exist to guarantee that the results published on election night reflect the vote of the people; it's not our job to prove that an election was rigged, it's their job to prove that the election was verifiable and honest.)

2. If our impromptu team hadn't been watching for votefraud, chances are no one would have caught the election falsification in Dubuque County, Iowa on Feb. 12, 1996. The Republican Leadership of Iowa, as Sen. Grassley's letter demonstrates, had already resolved to look the other way. Again, we insist that this behavior of the Iowa State GOP is typical all across the nation.

While quick to take offense when questions are raised by Citizens, election officials (who usually double as Party big wigs) in a decisive number of counties are hiring an Establishment company's computer programmers or voting machine technicians, leaving the election night work to those "experts"-and signing whatever "results" are put in front of them.

3. The Citizens of Iowa did their duty, called the results in to VNS as directed, and went home to try and get a good night's sleep before resuming their busy, pressure filled lives. And isn't this the way it is in all 50 states and all 3075 counties? It never crosses the mind of the average, decent American that anyone would even want to be in the position to warp Presidential, Senatorial, and Congressional Elections - let alone the possibility that a coalition of Super-Criminals is in the process of consolidating control of the election counting process in the USA.

Back to Iowa: since all results were called into VNS in New York City, no one in Iowa was able to look at the "whole picture". Only the people at VNS had THAT advantage.

What was to stop VNS from falsifying results all over Iowa - like we know they did in Dubuque - if they needed to do a little "creative accounting" to make their 7:01 PM projection of Dole as winner (as reported through ABC and AP wire) come "true"?

Is this how those instantaneous network projections, often issued within minutes of when the polls close, become phony "final results"?

Is this the mechanism that has been spring-loaded to "kick in" when the Ruling Elite needs to stop an honest candidate who is about to win an important elective office?



We Need An Investigation into a Handful of Establishment Computer Programming Companies, VNS, and the 4 Big TV Networks

In a Nov. 7, 1988 cover piece for the New Yorker Magazine, Ronnie Dugger reported that a handful of computer programming firms and voting machine companies - including Cronus/B.R.C., Sequoia Pacific, and Shoup - control between 70% and 90% of the vote counting in the USA! In the article, Shoup officials charged that Cronus controlled the counting of between 60 million and 70 million votes, and therefore constituted a monopoly!

In the only network news spot ever aired on this subject, - a truly excellent interview of computer expert Howard J. Strauss of Princeton University conducted by Dan Rather on election eve, 1988 - the following exchange took place:

Rather: "Realistically, could the fix be put on in a national election?"

Strauss: "Get me a job with the company that writes the software for this program. Then I'd have access to one third of the votes. Is that enough to fix a general election?" . . . . . When it comes to computerized elections, there are no safeguards. It's not a door without locks, it's a house without doors." (Note: there are dozens of public quotes from election officials which support Strauss's conclusions.)

I ask the reader, as a matter of common sense, unless there is high-level cooperation and coordination between these few election "service provider" companies, VNS, and the Major TV networks (along with the NYT, Gannett, the Washington Post, and rest of the Major Media who find this subject so "un-newsworthy", how is it POSSIBLE for VNS, through the Big 4 TV networks, to make all those hairline "accurate" Election Night projections right after the polls close - and before any votes are counted?

The Colliers demonstrate in Chapter 15 & 16 of Votescam: The Stealing of America the absurdity of the network's claims that "exit polls" could possibly account for these incredible projections. In the 1996 NH Primary we captured on video film an exit poll which confirmed the Collier analysis.

Exit polls are almost impossible to find, and we have video proof that when you do find one, only 1 of 15 voters will take the time to fill out the questionnaire; and these are just the beginning of sorrows for the VNS "official line" about exit polls. So where in Heaven's name is the scientific basis by which all those hairline accurate projections are made right as the polls close?


Here's What Happens in Most Counties on Election Night

The truth is that few election officials ever think about these things too deeply - and they have generally been chosen by the party leaders because they don't, and won't. They are told to hand over their authority on election night to a company offering "expert" help with voting machines or computer programming. Big Bucks are generally paid, unbeknownst to the taxpayer, to these "helpful" experts.

The Elections supervisors generally know nothing about computer programming, or about the inner workings of the voting machines, used in their county. They are told to sign results put in front of them by these well-paid "experts", and they do.

Most elections supervisors certify results based on an act of blind faith. The names of the all powerful computer programmers and voting machine technicians are rarely, if ever, even mentioned to the public; which brings us to Arizona.



The Arizona Primary: A Study in Why We Must Return to Hand Counted Paper Ballots

Arizona was a must win for the Ruling Elite. Buchanan had to be stopped there. Buchanan's communication skills had articulated the seething frustration of a US population beginning to stir against the Ruling Elite. After his New Hampshire victory, the man on the street was actually beginning to believe that Buchanan could win.

A Buchanan win in Arizona, in the teeth of all the Big Media lies and smears being heaped upon him since his win in the hand-counted, paper ballot New Hampshire Primary, would have dispelled the "Buchanan can't win lie" once and for all, - making it far riskier to computer rig the rest of the big state primaries 84%36% for Dole (perhaps the very worst major party presidential candidate since the dawn of television).

BUT - not to fear! The enemies of God and Country, I submit, had made provision for the Buchanan phenomenon - as well as, they hope, any and all future challenges that might be mounted against their forming anti-Christ New World Order.

Arizona is a study in everything that's wrong with the current state of U.S. elections. Space prevents me from covering about 5 astounding maneuvers pulled by the Establishment in Arizona, one of which was the special law the state legislature passed forbidding a recount (copy on file).

But there is one facet of the Arizona primary that is eminently deserving of our attention here. On Arizona primary day, this writer called Lisa Daniels, the Elections Supervisor for the state of Arizona. I'm grateful she took the call. I identified myself and asked her who - what was the NAME of the person - who programmed the computers that would count the votes that night in the Arizona Primary.

She said she could get me the name of the company, and maybe we could find out the name of the computer programmer.

Do you see? She didn't even know who had programmed the computer, and yet she would sign the results along with all the other election officials in Arizona a week or so later. This is what happens in the overwhelming percentage of voting venues in the United States.

The information in this article demonstrates to any person of normal intelligence the mechanism by which VNS and a handful of companies could be cooperating to fix every key election in the United States. Space prevents us from providing hundreds of pages of further documentation. (See Pg 4, or visit our site on the internet:

Since the Major TV networks have gone so far as to hide the existence of VNS and its fellow travelers from the American people for over two decades, and since 99.9% of the office holders in the US are petrified of the Big Media, there is little hope at this hour of a bona fide investigation into Voter News Service (VNS) and the handful of election night "service providers."

But it is realistic that thousands of alerted Citizens can rally behind the strategy enunciated on Page 4 and force this issue into the public mind, breaking once and for all the cover-up by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the rest of the Establishment media.

The publicity generated by this strategy can help set the stage for the ultimate solution: popular uprisings in every county and every state demanding paper ballots, counted by neighbors in each precinct, and posted at the precinct before the ballots leave the polling place, thus ending the possibility of centrally rigged elections.

To facilitate such popular action, Precinct Project Institute is coordinating a nationwide effort of citizens willing to join the "Citizens for a Fair Vote Count" effort in their county. Citizens can visit our website at and confidentially fill in the blanks to join our investigative effort in their own county; or write Precinct Project Institute at PO Box 11339, Cincinnati, Ohio 45211. Complete step by step instructions will be provided for you and your friends to find out what's happening in your county as well as begin the steps for corrective action. We are already providing a national clearinghouse so that citizens across the USA can find out how county officials and the Secretary of State in each of the 50 states are responding to citizen requests for a verifiable vwotecount. We will also post successes, failures, and elected officials who join the "Fair Vote Count" crusade. Finally, for election night 96, we will set up a combination e-mail, phone bank, and fax network to collate citizen efforts across the country as regards what is happening in each county. We will help coordinate a citizen watchdog group as a check on the shadowy Voter News Service. Right for your free packet as explained on page 4.


Watch as Major Parties and Big Media Coalesce as One Against "We, The People"

The compromised officials in the Republican and Democratic Parties from the county level all the way up to Haley Barbour and Sen. Chris Dodd, in unison with the New World Order's Big Media outlets on the local and national levels, will fight "We, the People", every step of the way, as we try to re-instate fair, verifiable, non-riggable elections - on the way to regaining our country's freedom under God.

Many election officials were bamboozled by the newness of computers in the 1970's. While computers and mechanical machines are useful in many arenas, vote tabulating is not one of them. Voting Citizens and election officials will never be able to understand or prevent all the ways in which computer programmers and machine technicians can rig an election for the Ruling Elite in a county or a nation. The evidence is in. There is no excuse in 1996 for public officials at any level to defend voting machines or computer vote counting.



It's Worth the Price

Billions are wasted or spent for evil purposes every year by the current ruling elite. Not even they can logically object to paying a fresh set of neighbors in every precinct across the USA to arrive as the polls close and count the paper ballots in front of observers from all competing factions.

The objection usually raised against counting paper ballots is that it's too hard and takes too long. Solution: a fresh team of 2 should be paid $10 per hour to count no more than 50 ballots each. Since 200 to 400 votes are cast in an average precinct, that would mean a maximum of 8 teams of 2 people, or 16 people per precinct for counting the ballots. It should take no more than 2 hours for 2 people to count 50 ballots, even in a heavy election.

Sixteen workers x $10 x 2 hours = $320 per precinct. $320 x 250,000 precincts in the USA = $80 million to have a verifiable, non-riggable hand counted vote tally in every neighborhood. Rigging an election from a central location would never be possible again. Is our freedom worth that relatively modest sum in this age of billion dollar boondoggles?

The good guys are finally waking up to the realization that we are in the struggle of our lives - the outcome of which will decide whether we are gloriously "one nation, under God" or merely an ignominious province in the soulless New World Order.

Let's not sit back and let them "do it to us" again this November. If the New World Order Money Power and their Big TV Networks are going to install one of their errand boys as President, let's make them pay for it with their very credibility - something they can't afford to lose now, before total gun control is in effect.

Help us reach millions of Americans so that they will understand for the first time what is happening to our nation - and then help us challenge the legitimacy of all these riggable elections counted on voting machines and by computer program. Thanks to the internet and several other factors, the media monopoly enjoyed by the major media may be on the verge of collapse. Let's give 'em a little push.

That is the first step towards building pressure on county election officials to re-install paper ballots, counted at the precinct so that America can be governed by the will of the people once again.


Everyone into the Battle!


Copyright 1996 Cincinnatus News Service


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