Vote Fraud Articles by State



11/17/04 The Boston Globe  Media accused of ignoring election irregularities

1/16/04 Common Dreams Web abuzz with vote-rigging tales

11/16/04 Popular Science Hack the vote 2004

11/15/04 Moderate Independent So, so many things to set straight

11/9/04 USA Today Voting system failures

11/9/04 Popular Science Sorry, your vote has been: lost, hacked, miscast, recorded twice

11/9/04 ABC News Conspiracy theories abound after Bush victory

10/26/04 The Christian Science Monitor Setting scene to discredit the vote?

10/25/04 The Washington Post Electronic voting raises new issues

10/25/04 Enter Stage Right Ending voter fraud

10/22/04 EcoTalk  Could the Associated Press (AP) rig the election?

10/22/04 News With Views Vote fraud: What they aren't telling you

10/17/04  The Miami Herald  Electronic voting machine put through a big test drive

10/17/04 The Houston Chronicle Lawsuits challenge all voting aspects

10/16/04 Newsweek A clean count?

10/16/04 The New Scientist The great American e-voting experiment

10/15/04 Reuters Worries persist over electronic voting

10/14/04 USA Today E-voting machine crash deepens concerns

10/14/04 The Washington Post Electronic voting : the latest news 

10/12/04 The Village Voice Minorities struggle to break free of felon voting bans

10/12/04  Book review  Townhall.Com Stealing Elections: How voter fraud threatens our democracy

10/10/04 Whom do you trust to count your vote?

10/8/04 The Triangle (Drexel University student newspaper) Electronic voting too flawed, unreliable for use

8/13/04 The Ledger (Lakeland, FL) Electronic voting still has many flaws

8/5/04 Good Times E-voting: One touch and your vote is recorded. But concerns over the accuracy of electronic voting machines is suddenly the hot debate.

7/30/04  EDITORIAL  Holmen Courier  Paper ballots won't cure electronic voting ills

7/30/04 CIO (Australia) The lowdown on e-voting

7/30/04 USA Today Expert issues e-voting system challenge to hackers

7/30/04 The Baltimore Sun (subscription) Expert issues e-voting system challenge

7/29/04 The Nation How they could steal the election this time

7/26/04 The Cincinnati Enquirer Balloting method on trial: Punch-card voting challenge in court

7/26/04   OPINION  Ventura Country Star (subscription) Making sure all the votes count

7/26/04  OPINION  The New York Times (subscription) Fear of Fraud

7/26/04  OPINION  eWeek E-voting underachieves: Technical problems impede the momentum of e-voting

7/26/04 Computer World Effort afoot to address e-voting at Convention

7/25/04 The Mercury News ACLU lawsuit against Ohio's punch card ballots goes to trial, first in nation

7/25/04  OPINION  The St. Petersburg Times Touch screen opponents are great at ignoring facts

7/25/04  OPINION  Los Angeles Daily News Parties share one aim: to squash independents

7/24/04 Times Picayune States rush to overhaul voting: Critics distrust security of electronic machines

7/23/04 WJZ Blind advocates support electronic voting machines

7/21/04 Find Law In the event of a terrorist attack affecting the election, who decides whether to delay?

7/21/04  EDITORIAL  Naples Daily News Voting by the numbers

7/21/04  OPINION  Lew Rockwell Be prepared for election terror

7/21/04 Federal Computer Week Committee ponders e-voting

7/20/04  OPINION  The Register E-voting terminals: Gambling with data?

7/19/04 Find Law What happens in the event of a terror attack on the 2004 presidential election?

7/19/04 The New York Times (subscription) Kerry building legal network for vote fights

7/19/04 ZDNet News E-ballot software wins vote of confidence

7/18/04 ABC News More Americans to vote on electronic, touch-screen systems in November

7/16/04  OPINION  Electronic Frontier Foundation Ensuring election integrity not a partisan issue

7/14/04 Citizens for Legitimate Government The touch-screen 'trust fall'

7/14/04 The Washington Post (subscription) Rally for voting receipts: Electronic ballots may pose problems in recounts, some say

7/14/04  EDITORIAL  The Washington Post (subscription) Tuesday in November

7/13/04  EDITORIAL  USA Today Voting in the face of terror

7/13/04  EDITORIAL  Chicago Sun-Times Terrorists don't deserve victory at U.S. polls

7/13/04  EDITORIAL  Cleveland Plain Dealer A vote of confidence: The presidential election should take place as scheduled, and the terrorists be damned

7/13/04  EDITORIAL  Minneapolis Star-Tribune (subscription) Election Day/Emphasize U.S. determination

7/13/04 USA Today Remember chads? They've hung around

7/7/04 Naples Daily News Election 2004: Quarter of voters will use unreliable machines

7/7/04  HUMOR  Mark Fiore Electronic election 2004 (After watching it, click "back" below the viewing panel to see the hilarious "Minister of Fear," which also has election content.)

6/30/04 CNET News E-voting: nightmare or nirvana?

4/15/04 The Risks Digest Republicans walk out of federal hearing on voting machines

12/2/03  OPINION  The New York Times (subscription) Hack the vote

10/9/03 Geek News Fraud feared in electronic voting machines