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(Note from the editor of Votefraud.org: Remember that Mr. Hayfield uses "Capitalist" without any qualification, and means what I call "Monopoly Capitalism" or "Vulture Capitalism", where wealth begins to be concentrated in the hands of a very few. Capitalism is, in fact, NOT Free Enterprise, as the author makes clear below. Free enterprise of all the citizens, with an even playing field of opportunity, complete with tariffs to preserve the sovereignty of the American nation -- is what the Founding Fathers, and Mr. Hayfield are FOR. "Communism" or "Socialism" or "Monopoly Capitalism" -- three names for virtually the same result  -- unnecessary regimentation of the masses, thus the attempted denial or minimization of the individual personality of each citizen, with the few ruthless criminals and their puppets and lackeys living like Kings and demigods at the top of society -- is what the Founding Fathers and Mr. Hayfield are AGAINST.)

Important Note: The editor at votefraud.org has put some words in brackets [] at different points in an attempt to clarify for the reader a person or concept referred to by Mr. Hayfield.


A Question about False Opposition



Again thank you for the response. I understand your quandary. As a writer and researcher I always anticipate some thinking people have survived the "dumb-down process" and as a result "somehow understand" the "political-problems" my material bring into question.

I have submitted to Mr. Condit another series specifically to answer those types of questions. I will answer your questions by quoting "some" material from the series.

Regarding Horowitz: No, dear David did not have an epiphany; he received a "promotion." And yes, he is still the "same old Commie."

Your "confusion" comes from trying to equate the propaganda of the Right-of-center Republican Party (member party to the International Democrat Union) to the Stalinist Communist Party (Stalin's USSR was one big Capitalist Corporation) that was sold to the American Public and the world as "Communism."

In 1969 David Horowitz was one of the "Guiding Lights" of the anti-Stalinist American Left. Most individuals in this group were dedicated followers of [communist leader and arch-rival to Stalin] Leon Trotsky [killed in Mexico City by a Stalinist agent with an ice pick in 1940; Trotsky-ite Communism triumphed over Stalinist Communism with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the much touted 'Collapse of Communism' in 1989.]. In the 1930s the center of this grouping of "radicals" was City College of New York (CCNY). In 1969 when these CCNY "Trotskyites" were "making their move to the political right" and become known as Neo-conservatives, a young David Horowitz was ready to take over the "leadership" role in formulating policy for the still existing Bolshevik anti-Stalinist Communism. Somewhere between 1969 and the Bob Dole presidential campaign dear David "moved to the right" and was Mr. Dole's campaign manager. This is not an Epiphany, it is a promotion. David followed in the footsteps laid down from CCNY.

Horowitz has since moved on to be one of [Bush] #43's campaign planners. To verify this, just type in Mr. Horowitz's name in any on-line search engine and then read all of the choices offered and you will understand Mr. Horowitz is a mover and shaker.

I have never been pro-free trade. The easiest path into understanding the concept of "just what should be the proper American trade policy" is to read Alexander Hamilton's "Essay #12" of the Federalist Papers. Compare this wisdom to #43's trade policy.

Well, the policy of #43 is the same put out by Lush Gumball [denoting Rush Limbaugh] . . . with which David Horowitz would not disagree. This gives way to your next quandary.

"You mean to say" that #43 and Gumball are promoting Bolshevik [Trotsky-ite Communist] global trade policy? You mean that the trade policy pushed by the libertarian CATO Institute is Bolshevik "wisdom?"

Of course the answer is: Yes!

This is where the "understanding" of the Permanent Revolution comes in. Please follow this Logic Line:

The Permanent Revolution is a continuous process of war,  revolution and terror to remove impediments for the proliferation of a unified Capitalism. The purpose of this revolution is: cure the one big Flaw of Capitalism, overproduction and under-consumption. The 1930s CCNY Trotskyite grads understood what all the economists at the London School of Economics also knew as reality . . . there can be no real One World built on Socialism (the cure for The Flaw of Capitalism) . . . until a One World built on Capitalism existed . . . This is beyond a doubt the basis of the Marxist critique of Capitalist development.

#43, Horowitz and Gumball are doing "their part" by making sure that the World War on Terrorism promoted by #43 and the Fabian Tony Blair [Blair was former chairman of the Fabian Society] succeeds in implementing a policy for creating a One World Capitalism "predicated" by the London School of Economics. [Don't lose concentration here: One World Capitalism, One World Socialism, and One World Communism -- are basically the SAME THING, the same result.]

If you actually understand this reality, you are well on your way to understanding the Permanent Revolution.

If you understand what Alexander Hamilton wrote in 1787 then you understand and recognize the true nature of the policy of #43, Horowitz and Gumball. The American Republic is an impediment to establishing a One World Capitalism. These impediments must disappear just like the monarchies [in Europe] after WWI, [the Chinese Dynasty and the Japanese Emperor cult after World War II] and the Fascist experiments did with WWII [Hitler was funded to the top by the Radical Capitalist Class, just like Communism was, see the works of Dr. Anthony Sutton].

I refer to those members of the Capitalist Class that pursue this policy as the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC). Radical in the sense that the elimination of the concept of national sovereignty is indeed a radical concept in itself.

There are many more different levels of the Permanent Revolution I have "verified" to exist. The RCC has [so far] been able to control any opposition with the use of "Perestroika" which is the creation of false opposition groups in both political extremes. These Perestroikas all use some form of a "conspiracy theory" to support its respective ideology. All Perestroikas are well documented with "true facts." But all perestroikas will make sure their followers don't acquire the "keys to understanding." The "keys to understanding" being the knowledge of how to recognize the workings and the existence of the Permanent Revolution.

How long could #43 be considered a Right-of-center Conservative if he actually said "I am promoting global Capitalism so there can be a global Socialism?" How would a member of the "Coalition Forces" in Iraq feel as he is ducking Soviet manufactured RPG rounds, if #43 would say "our forces are clearing the path for Communism?"

This is what Perestroika hides. The vast majority of conspiracy theories and [dead end diversions] are promoted by RCC created Perestroikas. Gumball comes to mind. Horowitz comes to mind. Republican Party comes to mind. So does let's say the Heritage Foundation, CFR, AEI, etc. Don't forget, the John Birch Society, the Militia Movement,  the National Council of Churches and the NRA.

Yes, Walter, these people must be "outed."

I believe I have the correct documentation to do this. I believe truly concerned people armed with my material can make your wish become a reality.

I would like to continue to exchange questions and answers with you. You ask the correct and necessary questions.

Thank you

Terry Hayfield