"Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything." Communist Tyrant Josef Stalin

Alert! Sinister Conference in Progress in Athens, Greece

June 21, 2000 NA (Network America) e-wire


Alert! Sinister Conference in Progress in Athens, Greece

This is a very important NA e-wire. Brent Beleskey, director of International Voters Coalition based in Canada, has done invaluable research and has kindly passed it onto Network America for your information.

Every student of history knows that direct democracy began in Greece. Especially in Athens, the men would meet at the town square and directly vote on matters of concern to the nation.

Playing on that historical reality, today in Athens, Greece the New World Order Ruling Elite are gathering for war - under the guise of a return to Direct Democracy via the internet.

It's not 'war' as in bullets and bombs. It's war as in taking away meaningful ballots from the world. It means taking away private paper ballots - counted by neighborhood citizens -- away from the world - in favor of totally absurd, unverifiable internet and phone voting methods. The big difference is that in ancient Athens everybody in the town square could see how everyone else was voting. In modern America, you will click the mouse on your computer to vote, but you will be at the mercy of those running in the election to tell you how everyone else voted. BIG DIFFERENCE. And it's just the difference this so-called 'Direct Democracy' crowd wants. For they fight every effort at a transparent verifiable method of voting, and promote any way to get to a totally riggable, totally unverifiable method of voting, controlled by them.

The meeting in Athens, Greece starting today (June 21, 2000) is called The Second Congress on International Direct Democracy. If this group of New World Order Experts get their way,.-it would mean removing any kind of representative government from the world.

(Incidentally, the First Congress on International Direct Democracy was held in Prague, Czechoslovakia a few years ago. These conferences, not reported to the public by the Big TV Media Censors, are attempting to implement the tyrannical goals promoted by, among others, billionaire insider George Soros (of the so-called Open Society Foundation) who has funded these and other conferences for years.)

What the "experts" gathering in Athens, Greece today are promoting is something they call "direct democracy." That's a code word for 'alternative method voting' - which means internet voting, mail in voting, telephone voting, computerized voting and mechanized voting --- anything but the right to a free and private paper ballot, ballot box, hand count, and scrutineers (those who scrutinize and/or witness and/or count the ballots at the end of an election day in properly run elections).

The ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tsu wrote down the principles of ultimate warfare. His thoughts are still around in a readily available book entitled: "The Art of War." One of his main points is that the most effective war is when the other side is defeated without ever realizing that there was a war.

This is what is happening to the proponents of all that is good in western civilization at the hands of Insider George Soros, the so-called 'Direct Democracy' movement for computerized, mechanized, internet, telephone, and mail-in voting, and their minions meeting in ALMOST complete obscurity in Athens, Greece today. (The conference will run four days until Sunday, June 25, 2000.)

If the efforts of Citizens for a Fair Vote Count, the International Voters Coalition, the Constitution Party, Constitutional Colleagues, and a handful of other groups do not succeed in returning verifiable elections, then the people are in danger of being defeated without ever realizing how the war was fought. For the internet voting movement is aligned, quite openly when you follow the links as Brent Beleskey has painstakingly done, to pro-drugs, pro-casinos, pro-abortion, pro-anarchist (actually an ally of the New World Order Occupation Government) and anti-2nd Amendment movements. In fact, they even say that if they can get internet and telephone voting installed everywhere, then they will defeat the "right wing." More on this another time.

Remember, the public never demanded these mysterious election methods. The greatest enemy the American people have ever known, the Big TV Networks, have demanded these methods. As stated before in this e-wire, the tyrants of the 20th and 21st century don't what to be so crude as to say, "We demand that you do what we want!!!!" No. That would be crude, like Ghengis Khan, Stalin, Castro, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Napolean, etc.

The 'modern' tyrant will say, in a phony sweet voice hiding both contempt and hatred for those to whom he is speaking: "I am only doing what you have demanded that I do. You have demanded it through the public opinion polls, through internet voting, through computerized elections, and through your mail in ballots. I am just doing what YOU, THE CITIZENS want."

Of course, the public opinion polls, the exit polls, the computerized vote counts, and the internet vote counts will be rigged from the start on key issues and key races. The public will never be allowed to look into these "black boxes." We must take everything on faith - just like the subjects of all the tyrants throughout history.

The reader should note that such almost-covert meetings like today's gathering n Athens, Greece have been taking place since at least as early as the 1960s. The first goal was to replace verifiable elections with unverifiable computerized elections. The goal now is to keep the computerized elections, with increasing use of mail in ballots, until the nation and the world can be deceived into switching over to absurd internet voting and/or absurd telephone voting.

In sharp contrast to the push that is on for internet voting (and now you have a better inkling of exactly where it is coming from), consider these quotes from an official at the Federal Election Commission, given at a dinner to election commissioners in Rocky Gap, Maryland two weeks ago, on June 7, 2000.

In an AP wire story entitled 'Federal Election Official Blasts Internet Voting', which incidentally made it to the CNN website, the following was reported:

"A federal election official is calling Internet voting 'a breeding ground for fraud' and a business-driven threat to democracy. . . . 'The bottom line behind this push is money,' said Bill Kimberling, deputy director of the Office of Elections for the Federal Elections Commission. . . . 'The noise being made to begin Internet voting is vendor-generated because a lot of new software and hardware will be needed to make it happen.' . . . 'I don't want to vote over the Internet and I don't want anyone else to either,' Kimberling said Tuesday at the annual meeting of the Maryland Association of Elected Officials."

End of quote from the AP wire.

Wow! Talk about a shot across the bow! Two weeks have passed, and NO ONE from anywhere has even attempted to contradict Federal Election Commission official, Mr. Kimberling. He has not been asked to appear on Geraldo, on Meet the Press, on Hannity & Colmes, on Larry King Live or on Hardball with Chris Matthews. Instead, the silent treatment. Those who own the Big TV Media don't want anyone to think about these things too much. Thank God for an honest AP reporter who was on the scene and an honest, sincere newsman at CNN who put this story up on CNN's internet site before it could be censored at the "Dan Rather-Ted Koppel" level.

Instead, the Big TV Media has been focused on --- some more controversy in the OJ matter, -- that a Kennedy relative is on trial for a 20 year old murder, -- that John Rocker vows to ride the subway the next time he's in New York -- and on any other soap-opera like happening that can be used to distract the public from what is really going on --- like the meeting in Athens, Greece where the Ruling Elite are gathering to plot on how they can rule the world through rigged internet voting.

You can find out something more about the program of this important sub rosa event by going to the website of Auburn University (Alabama) at: auburn.edu/tann/prague/preprogram.htm

There you will find the speakers and the conferences. There is no discussion of goals, that's already decided. What they're discussing is how well they're doing in imposing their rigged internet-voting tyranny on the peoples of the world (not that all the delegates realize this RIGGING is the final goal). "Report from Portugal," "Report from the USA," "Report from Greece," etc. etc. etc. - that's what you will find there.

And then move on to http://www.auburn.edu/tann/prague/ where you can find a picture of some of the delegates who attended the Prague conference of a few years ago along with some further explanation.

Next you can go to crosswinds.net/omaha/~citizen/ -- which is one of the key websites for the Direct Democracy Online project. Here's something from their first paragraphs:


The purpose of the Direct Democracy Project is to help pave the path to the day that decisions in democratic nations will be made by the people, not just by their representatives, in real-time."

What isn't said is that "the people" will have no possible way to check the election results, -- and that's just the way the Wirepullers and funders of the so-called 'Direct Democracy movement' want it.

Next you can go to: acm.org/crossroads/xrds1-4/democracy.html - where you will find the following:

"Direct Democracy -- Is the United States prepared?"

And then we find this site, well down the page, offering us the astoundingly candid analysis that:

"Another thing to consider is the security of such a system. We are, after all, trusting the future of a prosperous nation to this new system. In his recent book, Computer Related Risks, Peter Neumann explained, 'The opportunities for rigging elections [are] child's play for vendors and knowledgeable election officials.' Because today's technology is just too vulnerable, an electronic voting system should be something of future interest. Many fear that the fraud of a computer voting system would be more difficult to trace. This is because it is easy to imagine one vote electronically being turned into thousands or even millions. This is more difficult to fathom when there are physical ballots to count. In the future such concerns might be addressed with encryption schemes or methods of tracing votes back to a voter for verification."

End of quote from this 'Direct Democracy' site.

But then the Direct Democracy site goes on to say something to the effect that proper safeguards can be found and put in place. We are supposed to think that just because they mentioned the problem - that we should trust them, no matter how absurd, irrelevant, or off-point the solution is. (For one thing "encryption schemes or methods of tracing votes back to a voter for verification --- destroys the privacy of that voter's ballot.)

Be aware that the Second Congress on Direct Democracy is meeting in Athens, Greece today. Be aware that the Big TV Media is NOT reporting to the public on these proceedings. Be aware that a highly organized, deeply secretive, billionaire funded network already exists which is working to impose the godless New World Order on the world through rigged computerized and internet voting.

Now, P-L-E-A-S-E N-O-T-E W-E-L-L:

As a prelude to our upcoming Network America e-wire on eBallot.net, Inc. - the company that is slated to 'count' the Reform Party internet/mail in vote national primary a few weeks from now -- which precedes the Reform Party convention by a week or so, -- you need to know about, and contemplate, the existence of this very quiet international network that is moving beneath the surface.You will see that eBallot.net seems to be in complete harmony with the goals of this entire movement.

Does our Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention take on more significance now? We are the counterpoint to this highly advanced, well funded crowd meeting in Athens, Greece today. Help us fight this all important fight.

Many thanks to Brent Beleskey of International Voters Coalition who furnished us with almost all the invaluable research for this important e-wire.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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