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Establishment Whistleblowers

 January 14, 2000 NA e-newswire


Establishment Whistleblowers

There following are establishment whistleblowers who have paid varying prices. We list the whistleblowers and the price they paid.

We will cover these whistleblowers in this newswire:

1) Jerome Sauer, election official;

2) Ron Cooper, candidate for Sheriff;

3) Ronnie Dugger, author and reporter;

4) Dan Rather, CBS anchorman;

5) Howard J. Strauss, Professor at Princeton University;

6) Lonnie Gates, former Cincinnati Bell repair man.

1. Jerome Sauer: Louisiana election official who found out the Shoup machines (one of the early machine systems) could and were being rigged. According to our sources in the south, Sauer showed his boss (a public official) and Mr. Shoup his disturbing finding circa 1968.

Price Paid: Jailed immediately after showing his boss his find, shortly before an election. Then fired. He ran for office the next election and, with no backing, faded into oblivion. We at Citizens for a Fair Vote Count have one of the pamphlets he used in his election bid on file.

2. Ron Cooper, candidate for Sheriff, also Louisiana: Came to Houston, Texas in the mid-sixties to expose the Shoup machine used against him in his bid for Sheriff in Louisiana. Before the television cameras of Houston, with the able assistance of a courageous young Texan named Ron Keller and his brother, Cooper showed how the Shoup machine could be rigged. The reporters were all told to vote for "Johnson" and then the machine was opened to reveal that the winner was Goldwater. The place went wild and the evening TV news reported the story well. In the morning the paper, who had been there, carried nothing. The TV never did any follow up reports. (This is exactly what we found in Cincinnati in 1985 when we exposed vote tweezing at the Hamilton County Board of Elections.)

Price Paid: Cooper was doing similar demonstrations in various cities around Lousiana and Texas. Several months later, Ron Cooper, about 38 years old, was found shot to death, leaving a wife several children.

Those were the days when the votefraud syndicate could have been exposed and stopped with a little public awareness. In the Cooper case and in the Sauer case above, the main guilty culprit is the establishment newsmedia.

3) Ronnie Dugger, author and reporter: Dugger was a reporter and author. He had written a book on Lyndon Johnson. He was the reporter who asked the Baptist minister the question which caused the Baptist convention to demand of John Kennedy that he address whether he would obey the Pope over his oath to the Constitution. Dugger wrote the landmark cover article in the November 7, 1988 New Yorker magazine: The Dangers of Computerized Voting. It's a thirty page article, and still is essential reading today. Dugger came to Cincinnati to view the wiretapper trial (see Gates below) in 1989. We got along quite famously and went to dinner a few times. Dugger has been mostly out of sight, and is allegedly going to publish a book on the whole votefraud mess. I hope he does because he is a very careful writer and prodigious researcher. That's all I know for now. We have a copy of the New Yorker article on hand at our office.

4) Dan Rather, CBS anchorman. In response to the Dugger article in the New Yorker, ran an excellent 5 minute report on CBS Evening News on the Monday before the Bush-Dukakis election in early November 1988. Absolutely excellent and devastating report. Rather ended the report and the show by looking into the camera with majestic music rising, and said, "Something to think about." No follow up report was ever done. Rather has paid no price we know of. Historian and author Michael Hoffman has suggested that this report is the modern technique he refers to as "revelation of the method", which he says the Ruling Elite uses to inform the average citizen what they have done and how powerful they are. Another example would be when Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren announced shortly after the Kennedy assassination in 1963 that the files concerning the assassination would be sealed for 50 years. (The Rather spot is on videotape and is in the possession of our office and several other people to whom we have entrusted it.)

5) Howard J. Strauss, Professor at Princeton University; Strauss was the main expert Rather interviewed on the November, 1988 CBS Evening News Report. Strauss has also written some excellent articles on this subject. I talked to Strauss once in 1998 to see if he would help a candidate for Governor. As far as we know, he is still teaching with no consequences. On the CBS Rather report, Strauss said, that our current computerized election systems are "not a door without locks, but a house without doors." See archives under votefraud, Greatest Cover up of All, at www.votefraud.org

6) Lonnie Gates, Cincinnati Bell Worker; Gates revealed that he had been part of wiretapping operation, including wiretapping the 1979 and 1981 City Council elections. Gates had tried to go public many times, but only succeeded on our very own Cincinnatus Party City Council TV Commericals in 1987. Those three TV commercials on Channel 12, together with an excellent 5 minute report done by Nick Clooney, then the anchor, and reporter Mary Krutko -- led to the resignation of at least 5 policemen over wiretapping prominent Cincinnatians, and about 200 stories about wiretapping in Cincinnati, and a 15 minute segment on sixty minutes. Of course, only 3 of the local news stories dealt with the vote fraud issue, and these stories were done in such as way as to minimize the issue. The Sixty Minutes segment avoided the vote fraud issue altogther. Gates took some very bad advice, opted to separate form our game plan and go back to establishment advisors who had done nothing to bring his story to the public in the first place, and returned to obscurity where he remains today. He did give up a solid career at Cincinnati Bell and today is selling used cars and doing similar jobs, as far as I know.

There are others, but above you find some of the incredible suppressed history of in the votefraud vs. honest elections battle that has been raging under the surface in our nation.


Jim Condit Jr.
Director, Citizens for a Fair Vote Count


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